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All of our Minecraft server store items are available on our BuyCraft page. There you can purchase boosts, ranks, kits, and more for your player on the Team Collosal Minecraft server. If you have any questions or problems concerning a purchase, please contact staff on the forums or by PM here, on our official website.

Welcome to the Team Collosal WebStore!

Here you can find all sales available from Team Collosal. We have shirts and other merchandise available as well as fun website rewards and Minecraft rewards! There are some items you can purchase with points you gain from activity on the TC site. You can cash these points in for some awards here, but you're always welcome to use money. Any money received from the store widgets below will be considered a donation and is much appreciated!

How to earn TeCe points:

- Post on the forums: 2 points
- Make a thread on the forums: 2 points

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in a "contact us" form.

Be cool and support the clan by donating!
-TC Staff
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