Welcome to the Team Collosal Community website!

Team Collosal is ran by a group of friends, or "The Team" who love to play games and enjoy the finer things in life. Founded in 2008, the clan focused on casual and competitive gaming, keeping a concise team of users. Eventually the clan expanded to include a larger, but still exclusive user base, playing a larger variety of games, such as Battlefield Heroes, Team Fortress 2, and League of Legends. Times have changed, and members have come and gone, but the spark is still alive.

Team Collosal has been readapted several times through the past several years. Our web community is now free to join without any application, as it was in the past. Using our website, you gain access to our forums, where you will be able to view and post content, as well as share with the community. You also gain access to some special events and information, as well as communication with "The Team".

In order to join our website you must do the following:

  1. Create an Enjin.com account
  2. Return to our website
  3. Login with your Enjin account
  4. Click to join our community

After following these steps, you're officially part of our community. Please read our rules on the forums before posting!